Establishing a Sleep Routine for Baby

Set a routine. Do the same thing every single night. In a few weeks, your baby will recognize the beginnings of your routine, and should start to get sleepy.

Pick a time. Earlier is better- around 7pm is optimal for many babies.

Start dimming the lights about an hour before bedtime. Make sure noises are minimal around the house, do not engage in any stimulating play, and generally make sure that baby is surrounded by a calm, dim, soothing environment.

Run a bath. You don’t have to wash your baby with soap every day, but allow them to splash around in warm water, and/or run a damp cloth or sponge over them.

Baby massage: massage your baby’s legs, arms, tummy, face, and back with a gentle baby oil.

Dress baby in suitable nightwear, making sure not to dress them in too many layers. A vest and a pajama are fine, followed by a sleep bag suitable for home’s temperature.

Feed. Ensure that baby is nice and full.

Put baby down in their crib or safe sleep area before they are fully asleep. Run a white noise machine, set them down with their “lovey,” and turn on a night light if you need it. Most babies sleep best in the dark.

If your baby wakes up, soothe them and make sure that their diaper is dry, tummy is full, temperature is comfortable, and that there is nothing bothering them. Don’t turn on the light or talk to them- soothe gently and softly, allowing them to go back to sleep.