Baby Gulf Diapers

We've just introduced a brand new diaper brand at Sniggles! 

Not only are Baby Gulf diapers a new brand, they're an all new type of diaper unlike any other. Baby Gulf diapers are made from a plant-based Japanese polymer material that can absorb up to 200ml of liquid in 3 seconds. They are free from fragrance, latex, chlorine, parabens, lotions, and dioxins; all of which you would never imagine could be in your baby's diaper, but all of these are typically found in most available diapers. Baby Gulf diapers, however, are made with baby's health and comfort as top priority. Patented technology and eight absorbent layers allows for 8 hours of leakage protection, ensuring your baby can sleep peacefully and without disturbance. 

And the best part: Baby Gulf diapers are super soft. Incredibly soft. You almost have to feel them to believe how soft they are. 


Baby Gulf diapers are available in 5 sizes:

Size 1: 2-5kg (newborn)

Size 2: 4-8kg

Size 3: 6-10kg

Size 4: 9-14kg

Size 5: 11-16kg


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