Bath + Potty

Towels & Robes


KD 20.000

Out of the bath and into your arms, in the cuddliest, most natural way possible. This towel is worn like an apron, keeping you dry and leaving both hands free to lift your baby from the water. Put its hood on the baby’s head, and they are instantly snuggled into a wonderfully warm and soft double layer of gorgeous bamboo and pure cotton, and you can give them a lovely cuddle without getting wet. It’s simple, it’s safe, and it brings you and your baby even closer together. Loved by thousand...


KD 20.000

This is the ultimate snuggly, soft and incredibly cute towel for your little girl. Pretty pink polka dots and a gorgeous Cuddlebug design make it simply irresistible. She’ll fold her wings around herself to keep snug, and then fly around the house until it’s time to get dressed! It’s something incredibly special to use every day with your little lady – or to give as a perfect present. One touch and you won't want to let go: this towel is made with two layers of such incredibly soft bamboo a...


KD 20.000

Toddlers love making farmyard noises – and after their bath they’ll love to play at being animals in a super-snuggly Cuddlemoo. It’s one of our top-selling towels. Big, soft and warm, it’s made with two luxurious layers of pure cotton and bamboo fibre towelling – which will stay fluffy no matter how often you wash it. It has cute little horns and a striking cowprint design, so it’s perfect for even the smallest member of your family ‘herd’ – and it makes a great gift too. Treat a little...


KD 5.500

An award-winning product which makes drying children's hair quick and easy - no more drips, no fuss, just fun! You just put the towel on the child's head, twist at the back and secure into the stretchy loop on top. The Cuddletwist is comfy, soft and stays in place perfectly. We make them with silky soft natural bamboo fibre, so they are 60% more absorbent than cotton towels, so they really dry hair quickly and effectively. Designed for children from about 18 months up - and don't be left ...