Stroller Accessories




KD 36.000

BABYZEN invents YOYO+ bag to ease your daily load.

In seconds, YOYO+ bag hooks onto your YOYO+. Sitting on a rolling base, it effortlessly carries 10 kg (22 lbs).

Whether you fill it with toys or shopping goodies, your YOYO+ remains light, stable and maneuverable with its signature one-hand steering.

Gone are the days of strollers that tip under the weight of bags dangling from the handlebar!

-Is YOYO+ bag compatible with every YOYO stroller?
YOYO+ bag connects to your YOYO+ and adapts to its 3 configurations: 0+ and 6+, as well as with our iZi Go car seat. YOYO+ bag is unfortunately not compatible with the YOYO stroller (the previous version of YOYO+), which had not been designed for this use.

- How is YOYO+ bag attached?
Really quickly: YOYO+ bag instantly connects to YOYO+. Just clip the wheeled platform to the back of the stroller, then lock its two hooks to the base of the handlebar. Your bag is ready to be attached! Remove the base using just one hand hooks can stay permanently attached to YOYO+.

- Do I have to use the rolling base to support the weight of the bag?
Yes, the rolling base is what gives YOYO+ its stability and maneuverability when the bag is attached and filled up.

-What capacity does YOYO+ bag have?
YOYO+ bag can hold a load of up to 10 kg and a volume of up to 40L.

- Can YOYO+ be folded when the rolling base is on?
Yes, YOYO+ can be folded and unfolded with the rolling base and hooks in place.

-Can YOYO+ bag be washed?
Yes, YOYO+ bag can be machine washed at 30°C.