KD 4.500

Twistshake’s baby bottle is perfect to use in combination with regular breastfeeding. Every Twistshake contains a practical container as well as a mixing net. The unique system TwistFlow actively reduce baby colic and ensures an even flow. The bottle has a wide neck, making it easy to clean. It also has a grip-friendly design that retains heat.

BPA-free – safe for both your baby and yourself
PP-plastic – manufactured in premium, high quality polypropylene
Teat – made from silicon, M (2 + month) included
Mixer net – actively dissolves clumps
Anti-colic valve – reduce baby colic
Container – prepare your meal at home and store it in the practical container
Extra wide neck – the wide neck makes both refills and clean-up an easy task
Ergonomically designed – grip-friendly, for both parent and child

Pink Crazymonkey

Pink is the colour of love, purity and mercy. It can reflect happiness and can have a soothing effect, as well as a strong feeling of unity. Pink is the colour that helps you strengthen your immune system and let go of fear.

Blue – Cookiecrumb

Blue is a color signifying calm, dedication, truth, a lively imagination, peace and happiness. Blue is the color that relaxes you, makes you feel at peace, that helps you communicate while increasing your focus and reducing your stress.

Orange – Sunbeam

Orange is the color of warmth, creativity and feelings. It signifies courage, joy and it has an outgoing personality. The color orange stands for sensitivity, compassion, adaptability and intensity. The color orange puts you in a good mood, soothes you and energizes you.

Green – Sugarpuss

Green is characterized by mercy, love and empathy. It is the color of peace, growth and sympathy. Green can hint of a personality that is trustworthy and open-minded and helps you see the positive things in your daily life. It creates balance and harmony.

Purple – Bestie

The meaning of purple is auspiciousness and loyalty. Purple has attributes such as intelligence, responsibility, ambition, imagination and majesty. Purple is the color that helps you reduce pain, achieve inner peace, improve your confidence and that makes you courageous.

White – Diamond

White is the color symbolizing truth, innocence, purity, honesty, goodness and joy. The color white helps you create calm and shows that you are telling the truth. Some people say that it has healing and emancipating powers. It is the color of peace.

Which color is the best match for your cutie?

Rinse the bottle in water immediately after use to make clean-up even easier
If the liquid is heated in the bottle, the teat and the lid must be removed