Merino Kids

KD 22.000

The Cocooi™ Blanket, Beanie and Bootie Set is made from 100% superfine Merino and designed specifically for the NB-3mths age group. This blanket is very light and can be used in so many ways; a feeding cover for Mum, a cot blanket and even to snuggle Dad up on the couch. It is a soft and warm alternative to sheepskins, lambskins or fleeces often used in buggies, prams or car seats. A great gift!

The fine-spun soft Merino fabric is comfortably lightweight yet provides superior warmth-to-weight insulation and will keep your newborn baby much warmer than cotton. Merino also breathes exceptionally well and, unlike polyester, it readily absorbs and releases moisture to keep your baby warm without overheating.

The air temperature in a Nurserycan fluctuate and a newborn baby often wakes either too hot or too cold because it takes time for their body to develop the full capability to regulate its temperature. Merino fabric has the remarkable natural ability to absorb and release moisture, to cool or warm your baby’s body, regulating their body temperature to compensate for changes in room temperature. The Cocooi™ Blanket, Beanie and Bootie Set is ideal in any season because of this temperature-regulating capability.

Made entirely of natural fibre, the Cocooi Blanket, Beanie and Bootie Set is safe to use for babies with allergies, eczema and sensitive skin.

Merino is naturally fire resistant and the Cocooi Blanket, Beanie and Bootie Set is rated low fire risk. It has not been treated with the fireproofing chemicals commonly applied to polyester which can irritate baby skin.