KD 17.500

Lumilove MR Perfect & Little Miss Hug
Cute and funny, Mister Men and Little Miss characters join Pabobo’s Lumilove family!
Mr. Perfect always gets everything just right and is always looking fantastic, in a great mood and nothing fazes him! Little Miss Hug is the newest member of the family. Little Miss Hug is pretty, cuddly and her motto is “everyone needs a hug”!
Children can keep their small companion by their side for all their adventures day and night!
With 11 hours of battery life, children can enjoy luminous hugs with their much loved Mister Men or Little Miss. Thanks to its cold LED technology, the Mister Men and Little Miss Lumilove don't heat up and can safely come under the covers during the night.
Thanks to their new charging system by micro-USB, the Mister Men and Little Miss Lumilove make parents life easier. No need to bring lot of wires when parents are away from home. To charge it, simply plug the night light to a computer or into a wall outlet with a Smartphone adapter. When the charging indicator turns green, it is fully charge.Once unplugged, the Lumilove turns on by itself!

We're happy that our Lumilove Mister Perfect & Little Miss hug have just been awarded by Bizzie Baby !