Mountain Buggy

KD 282.000

Highlighting the true craftsmanship of the original all terrain buggy, urban jungle luxury collection adds refined styling and enhanced functionality to a Mountain Buggy classic.

Mountain Buggy answered your call for new features, new accessories and fashion aesthetic, whilst staying true to Mountain Buggy’s trusted all terrain DNA - simplicity, durability, manoeuvrability, adaptability.

Engineered for the urban active
Compared with other brands, Mountain Buggies require less force to ‘pop’ up the front wheel thanks to perfect weight distribution for optimised performance. Glide effortlessly over all terrain, with improved rear wheel suspension and a new easy-switch lock straight or swivel front wheel.

The complete package
Urban jungle luxury edition comes with matching designer parenting satchel, changing mat, and clips to attach the bag to the buggy frame for your convenience.

OUTSTANDING KERB POP- cleverly engineered with perfect weight distribution, allowing you to easily ‘pop’ the front wheel up kerbs and obstacles
NAUTICAL AND PEPITA SATCHELS- each of our nautical and pepita buggies comes with a parenting satchel, change mat and bag clips
CRAFTSMANSHIP- beautiful tailoring and handstitched leather detailing are apparent on the handlebar, grab bar and labelling
REFINEMENT- cast and polished high quality aluminium hinge for strength and performance. Frame lock fold is inside this part
FULL RECLINE TO UPRIGHT SEAT- total adaptability to go from lie flat, to upright, offering versatility to the individual child’s needs
SHORTER FOOTPRINT- less space is always best when out and about in the city (new 102.5cm / 40.5”, old 113cm / 44.5”)
MAGNETIC PEEK-A-BOO- no sound, no fuss with quiet magnetic fastenings
SAFETY PLUS- easy to use 5-point harness that requires just one push of the button to release, reload one at a time
ADJUSTABLE CROTCH STRAP- adjust the buggy crotch strap to suit the comfort of the growing child
BETTER SUSPENSION- now located higher on the buggy frame for an improved feel
RETRACTABLE LEG REST- extend the leg rest for your child’s comfort by pulling out the retractable bar located underneath the seat
IMPROVED FRONT WHEEL LOCK- much easier to change from lock back to full swivel on the front tyre, with just a flick of a lever
EXTENSIVE PROTECTION- a follow the sun canopy with flick out mesh sun visor. All Mountain Buggy sun canopies have been tested to ensure a UPF 50+ rating
REVERSIBLE LINERS- printed on one side, plain on the other to further personalize the buggy
MULTI ADJUST HANDLE- easily adjust the handle height for a more comfortable push
HANDLEBAR COMFORT- ergonomically formed for better comfort for the parent when pushing
BOTTLE HOLDER- a convenient storage compartment for drinks on the go