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KD 20.000

Everyone loves the amazing Cuddleroar towel. It’s big, soft, warm, popular, and great for fun at bathtime. Is it a dinosaur, is it a dragon – let your little one’s imagination run wild, just watch out for the ROARing! Made with our signature blend of incredibly soft bamboo and cotton towelling, which will always stay soft however often you wash it, the Cuddleroar is something special to give as a gift – or to buy for your own little one to use every day. Incredibly snuggly and so much fun – brilliant for bathtime, beachtime, or just dressing up!

contains bamboo fibre and cotton - silky soft, 60% more absorbent than just cotton, with a natural antibacterial quality
cosy hood - superabsorbent bamboo to dry hair and keep warmth in
from walking age to 3 years
sensibly big - tons of fabric to wrap them right up
super fluffy and warm - keep your little one cosy and snug